What are the dangers of self-medication?

More and more people no longer want to go to a doctor or ask a pharmacist's advice before taking a medication. This may be because they feel that their condition has not yet reached a serious stage. But sooner or later, the dangers of self-medication can lead to serious health consequences.


For patients, self-medication consists of treating oneself with this or that medication, without going through a doctor or, at least, asking the advice of a pharmacist. This mistake is often made when an illness is considered minor. To alleviate the pain, you try to treat yourself before going to the doctor by taking a medication. In addition, some medications can also be purchased without a doctor's prescription or over-the-counter, which makes it easy for patients to use them. Since the disease is quickly cured, you soon forget about the harmful effects it could cause one day. The dangers of self-medication are, in fact, very serious.


Self-medication can lead to serious health complications. Many are the dangers of self-medication, especially when the practice is not controlled. First, this risk arises from the use of the medication itself. You don't know what is in the drug you are taking and it becomes toxic once it is in your body. You may even forget to check the expiration date because of carelessness, which is very dangerous. You may not know the side effects of the medication you are taking or be aware of drug interactions. More importantly, you may not know about the allergies it may cause in you. In this case, the substance that was supposed to cure you only triggers another disease requiring another treatment. Therefore, you have to consult a specialist and spend a lot of money for this treatment.


Healthy adults can self-medicate, while pregnant women, people with chronic diseases or allergies should never self-medicate. When certain symptoms are identified, and after seeking the advice of a pharmacist, self-medication is justified in a responsible manner. Indeed, self-medication is reserved for minor daily discomforts such as toothaches and headaches. But do not hesitate to consult a doctor when the illness persists, to avoid aggravating your situation.
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