What can cause a medication incident?

Medication accidents can have serious consequences such as hospitalization or death. Indeed, for various reasons, these accidents caused by the use of medication are very likely, especially in the elderly or vulnerable people. What are the identified causes of medication…

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Pillbox: the practical tool to make the best use of your medication

Approximately 20% of hospital emergencies are directly related to wrong or incorrectly taken medication. The statistic is increasing if we also include missed doses. In order to help people with chronic illnesses to take their medication, pillboxes exist. THE PILLBOX:…

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What are the dangers of self-medication?

More and more people no longer want to go to a doctor or ask a pharmacist’s advice before taking a medication. This may be because they feel that their condition has not yet reached a serious stage. But sooner or…

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Where to throw away your medications?

Medicines are useful products, they are not like other products. Indeed, it is necessary to keep the medicine cabinet in order to know the dangerous or expired medicines. But where to throw away dangerous drugs? EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW…

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