Which good food supplement against insomnia?

Insomnia affects a large part of the French population. Sleep disorders can be temporary or last over time and have a negative impact on daily life. Before opting for a medicinal treatment, you should know that food supplements can help you to find a quality sleep. Improve your well-being with food supplements on sale in online parapharmacies. Wide choice on euro-pharmas.com/ !


Very well known in the treatment of sleep disorders, melatonin is a hormone intended to regulate the functioning of the body according to the luminosity. It is produced by the brain during sleep by the pineal gland, and allows the body to detect bedtime. Found in foods rich in tryptophan, you can also increase its rate of secretion by exposing yourself as long as possible to light.


If you suffer from anxiety, or have just undergone a traumatic experience, hawthorn can help you. Not only does it allow you to get a good night's sleep, but it also has recognized tranquilizing virtues. This is due to its natural components: triterpenes, hyperoside, and proanthocyanidols. As a dietary supplement for sleep, you can take hawthorn for several weeks. Be sure to consult your doctor if you suffer from heart disease.


With its calming effects, passionflower helps you to enjoy a quality sleep, far from anxiety. You can buy a passionflower-based dietary supplement in parapharmacy to calm your stress, and better fight against insomnia. The positive effect of passionflower on sleep comes from the fact that it is a plant rich in alkaloids and flavonoids, as well as vitamins and minerals. All these components produce a mild sedative and calming effect for patients. Depending on your sleep disorder, you can take a passionflower-based dietary supplement in the form of a cure. The duration varies according to your condition. In addition, you should know that a healthy lifestyle is necessary to fight against insomnia. A balanced diet and the daily practice of relaxation and breathing exercises can greatly help you find quality sleep. Do not neglect your psychological state which is generally the source of insomnia. Stress and anxiety must be treated to ensure good quality sleep.
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