Why buy organic essential oils?

Everyone knows that consuming an organic product always represents many advantages on health and well-being. The same goes for the use of natural essential oils. These are products from various plants such as lemon, eucalyptus, lavender ... And they are used in aromatherapy. This article gives you more information.


Organic essential oils are used for certain medical treatments without side effects. They are made from the steam distillation of various plants, which makes them organic or biological. As their name indicates, they do not represent any danger and toxic composition for the body. Some of them allow you to treat colds, coughs, flu, digestion problems... They are also effective for cellulite and other skin problems. Note that they are also used in cosmetics, perfumery and even in food flavors. If you need them, the recognized online pharmacy euro-pharmas.com is at your disposal.


It is true that organic essential oils are beneficial for your well-being, but that is not why you should buy them just anywhere. You should always be wary of products that are not certified and without an organic label. So check the labeling before you buy anything. To be sure, we recommend that you make your purchase from a French parapharmacy. Only pharmacies can sell you essential oils used in aromatherapy that are effective and comply with standards. Other than that, they can be synthetic, toxic and sometimes cheaper. In this case, beware because it can harm your health.


Essential oils can be used in several ways when you bought it at the parapharmacy. You can make use of them by cutaneous way that is to say apply them to the skin as you massage. In general, the dosage is 1 to 5 drops per application. They can also be used orally for only 1 to 2 drops. Put them in another medium such as a spoonful of honey or sugar..., i.e. they can never be used pure in the mouth. Note that these indications are often recommended for adults. You can also use them in a room diffuser for ten minutes every hour with a few drops. However, you should always ask your doctor before using them.
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