Why are people going to Turkey to get their teeth done?


Dental care is expensive in most developed countries, increasing the number of people visiting overseas countries for a perfect smile. Dental tourism can be the solution you are looking for, if your teeth are in a critical state and the services are unaffordable in your country. Over half a million individuals travel to Turkey each year for medical treatment, including dental work and plastic surgery. Some of the dental treatments in Turkey are dental implants, veneers and teeth whitening. Read on to know why people prefer going to Turkey for their dental care.

The price of dental treatment

The primary reason why people travel to Turkey for dental care is the unbelievable low dental costs. Dental implants can cost as much as 70% less than the price quoted in developed countries; for instance, the cost of dental treatment in the United States of America is very high compared to any other place globally. Veneers in Turkey are more affordable and ideal for straight and whiter teeth when implants are not the option. Operation costs, including laboratory costs and dentist fees, are incredibly low. Dental veneers can take one visit, but if they are made in the laboratory, you will have to wait until the process is over. However, a more extended stay will add to your prices, and it is essential to inquire about the period you will remain between the visits if you are on a budget.

Travelling to Turkey is Affordable

Turkey has a flourishing tourism sector hence a low cost of travelling. Tourist needs, such as transport, food and accommodation, are comparatively cost-friendly. There are many accommodation options in Turkey ranging from budget to luxury; hence choices are open to opt for the one that suits your pocket. There are varieties of cheap restaurants and eateries everywhere. Transportation is not a burden since local public transportation and non-uber taxis are reasonable for tourists. The travel costs to turkey can never offset the expenses one can save on dental aesthetic and plastic surgery procedures.

Qualifications, standards and regulations

The growth of dental care in turkey is not all about the cost; the industry relies on its dentists, who maintain high standards to ensure a good reputation of their services. Dentists in the country must train for five years in their fifteen dentistry schools hence their prowess for various teeth aesthetic. Dentists practising in turkey must have a qualification recognised by the ministry of health, which regulates dental education and legislation. Ministry of health regulations leaves no chance for quack doctors who perform messed-up surgeries and cannot perform any accurate surgical guide. Currently, turkey has over 26,000 dentists registered with the Turkish Dental Association, which monitors dental practises and helps develop the profession through continuing education.


Turkey is a budget-friendly country ranging from transport, accommodation, food and medical treatment. People travel from developed countries to seek medical and plastic surgery services because of the country's low costs. Dental care, which is very expensive in other countries, is affordable in turkey even if you visit top-notch dentists. Most dentists are qualified to uphold their impeccable expertise and are registered with necessary bodies. However, thorough research is essential before visiting a dental centre since some are unfortunately trying to profit without having the right equipment or qualification. Although there is a big market for dental aesthetics, individuals come for other less glamorous treatments such as dentures, bridges, crowns, fillings and extractions. Also, Turkey has scenic touristic sites; combining dental travel and sightseeing escapades will make a great combo!

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